Gloria Reece

Instruction, Assessment, Research and Grant Writing, Media, Technology
Curriculum Development, Electronic Book Design & Development, Instructional Design, Technology Integration, Usability Testing, Accessible Design, New Media Design, Web Design (includes Dossier Management), Product Branding, Technical & Professional Communication, Educational Research, Case Study Research, Assessment, Rubric Design, ePortfolios, Language translation in Spanish, English, ASL, & Braille for Early Grades, Web 2.0 Technologies, IEP Process, NCLB Legislation, Literacy for Early Grades, Digital Storytelling, etc.
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Instruction, Curriculum, Media, Research, Usability
Gloria is an experienced educator, researcher, and consultant with expertise in the following areas: instruction curriculum leadership and development, instructional design (includes personalized instruction), technical, professional, and business communication, fund raising, accessible design, usability testing, new media design and product branding, photojournalism, graphic and visual design, and photography. Most all of Gloria's professional publications are collaborative, virtual products that address current issues in education, communication, healthcare communication, and technology. Recent instructional design products consider multimodal delivery for portable devices and multicultural needs. During 2006-2007, Gloria led an educational outreach for a private preschool in Ayacucho, Peru that included 30 preschoolers; one was visually-impaired. That program also included a professional development program in six states for preschool faculty. The program focused on healthcare, assistive technology, and the business case for a sound software development process that considers user-centered design and effective accessible design practices. Since 2008, Gloria has led educational outreach programs for those with diverse needs, including one for a deafblind/mute child with mild cerebral palsy in Georgia. This volunteer service project has been beneficial in that it has served as an impetus to examine creative ways to integrate language translation into curricular materials for multicultural audiences. Both programs used Braille and English. The first outreach program required Spanish translation of the curricula and the second outreach program has required American Sign Language (ASL) translation.
A Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (Class of 2010!) Gloria holds a doctorate in Instruction Curriculum Development with a concentration in Instructional Design & Technology. Her recent experience includes educational research, web design (inclusive for a low vision population), and instructional design at all age levels. By 1994, Gloria developed single-sourcing for multimodal delivery of documents (core development group and customer programs) for domestic and international markets with language translation support for English, Finnish, and Korean.
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